Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) uses all Listed Companies as the constituents for its index calculation. To ensure that JCI will reflect fair market condition, Indonesia Stock Exchange has the right to eliminate and or exclude one or several Listed Companies from the calculation of JCI. One of the considerations for this action is if the Listed Company’s public shares are owned only by a few shareholders (small free float) while its market capitalization is relatively high, and as a result the price change of the Listed Company’s stock may potentially affect the reasonable fluctuation of the JCI.

JCI is owned by Indonesia Stock Exchange. Indonesia Stock Exchange is not liable for any products released by users who use JCI as their benchmark. Indonesia Stock Exchange is also not liable for any investment decisions made by any Parties that use JCI as a benchmark. 

The LQ45 Index, which was launched in February 1997, is a market capitalization-weighted index that captures the performance of 45 most liquid companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (the “IDX”). The LQ45 Index covers at least 70% of the stock market capitalization and transaction values in the Indonesia Stock Market. The Index is denominated in Indonesia rupiah (“IDR”) and is published throughout the trading hours of the IDX.

(Download LQ45 Index Methodolgy)