Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance (hereinafter referred to as CG) is a system designed to direct the management of the company in a professional manner based on the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, fairness and equality. IDX as a facilitator and regulator of capital markets in Indonesia has a commitment to become the Stock Exchange of globally competitive.

Implementation of the commitments of CG or so called the Good Corporate Governance (GCG) as part of the Company's mission to create the competitive edge to attract investors and listed companies through the empowerment of stock exchange members and participants, the creation of value-added, cost efficiency and the implementation of good governance.

IDX has successfully implemented the guidelines, frameworks and principles of CG effectively and efficiently in the operations of the Company and is committed to make continuous improvement on the practices of CG in the future. Implementation of GCG  will lead to the creation of accountability of the Company, fair and independent transactions, as well as reliability and quality of information to the public.

The purpose of IDX in implementing CG:

  1. As a guideline for the Board of Commissioners in conducting surveillance and providing suggestions to the Directors in managing the Company. 

  2. As a guideline for the Directors in running the Company’s day to day businesses based on high moral values and  ​​with respect to the Statutes, business ethics, legislation and other applicable regulations. 

  3. As a guideline for the  management and employees in carrying out activities of BEI / everyday tasks in accordance with the principles of CG.

IDX strategies to ensure a successful of CG implementation:

  1. Consistently maintaining the Code, Charter, and Procedures of Governance
    IDX periodically reviews the Code, Charter and Procedures of CG to continously improve the quality of CG so that IDX can deliver better performance. 

  2. Sustainable socialization of the principles of CG to all employees
    IDX has conducted a continuous process of socialization of the CG principles to all employees. It aims to internalize the application of CG to all employees so that in carrying out the Company’s operational activities, they always comply with the provisions of Corporate Governance. 

  3. Assessment of the implementation of CG in IDX by a third party
    IDX believes that the third party assessment will improve the quality of corporate governance.

  4. Management System Sertification


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