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Hey Millennials and Generation Z!

Are you ready for the future with the fact that prices of goods and property soar, the cost of living continues to increase, plus the potential economic problems from easy debt, installments, and the FOMO lifestyle?

Let's get ready by starting financial planning. If you want to grow your wealth, investing is the answer.

Before investing, you need to identify your biggest enemy. It’s a lifestyle! Don't adhere to the lifestyle of ‘shop first, pay later’ as long as it’s in style. Change your lifestyle with an Investment Conscious Lifestyle.

If you feel that:

  1. Capital market investment is high risk and difficult;

  2. Investing is only for the rich;

  3. Dizzy with numbers and technology in investing;

  4. Stocks are gambling;

  5. Fear of being deceived by fake investments


It is important to not get caught up in fraudulent investments!

The characteristics of a fraudulent investment:

  1. Investment offers with false promises.

  2. The investment offer is DEFINITELY profitable.

  3. Investment offers that are forced or by persuasion (usually by blurring the investment product).

  4. Investment mode with member get member scheme, for example under the guise of MLM and also fund locking.

  5. Investment offers from companies that are not clear. Always check OJK’s license for investment companies.


UNDERSTAND your financial condition, risks, and investment objectives, as well as the product to be purchased.

ACQUIRE investment assets that match your risk profile, and choose the right investment company and of course, be registered with the OJK.

MONITOR the development of your portfolio regularly so you can take advantage of the right moment to top up or realize profits.

By understanding the “UNDERSTAND, ACQUIRE, MONITOR” concept, you can avoid mistakes that often occur to new investors, such as:

  1. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

  2. Panic or crazy about fluctuations

  3. Invest with debt funds

  4. Purchased out at the beginning

  5. No trading or investing plan

  6. Quickly swallow uncertain recommendations

  7. No asset diversification

  8. Do not want to upgrade yourself with knowledge


Fun Fact! More investors in the Indonesian Capital Market are even starting to beat the dominance of institutional and foreign investors. So don't hesitate to invest because many indicators say Indonesia's prospects are getting better.

To accompany your investment experience, IDX provides Capital Market School in various levels of your understanding of the capital market, in collaboration with Securities Companies, Investment Managers, Capital Market Analysts, and other capital market stakeholders. This Capital Market School is held regularly at 30 IDX Representative Offices throughout Indonesia, both face-to-face and online which schedule can be seen on IDX's official social media.



Prospective investors are expected to be able to take the Capital Market School Level 1 class before opening a securities or mutual funds account to get sufficient knowledge to start investing. Moreover, potential investors will be accompanied directly by the Securities Company in the process of opening a Securities account, introducing online trading applications, and practicing with other Capital Market School participants to try out your initial share transactions.

Capital Market School Level 1 Menu:

  • Choices of Investment products
  • Starting to invest in the capital market
  • Understanding the capital market and its products
  • Understanding the Role of the IDX and the Structure of the Indonesian Capital Market
  • Understanding the trading information on the Stock Exchange
  • Knowing the basics of securities analysis
  • Opening securities account online

Capital Market School Level 1 Self-Reading Materials

  1. Indonesian Capital Market Structure

  2. Capital Market Products 1: Stocks and Bonds

    Understand more here:

  3. Information on Stock Trading on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

  4. Capital Market Product 2: Mutual Funds
    Understand more here:

Capital Market School Level 1 Videos available on this website are supporting class materials and only provide a few modules from the entire Capital Market School Level 1 menu. Therefore, spare you time to register Capital Market School level 1.

Online Opening Account
After understanding the basics of capital market knowledge above, let's open a securities account. Some of the securities companies below provide online stock account opening facilities.


Capital Market School Level 2 can only be participated by investors who have started trading stocks, and are usually held by the securities company where the investor opened the account.

Capital Market School Level 2 Menu:

The materials are related to online trading applications and securities analysis lessons so that investors can analyze before making investment decisions with:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis

This website does not provide Capital Market School Level 2 videos. Contact the nearest IDX Representative Offices or your securities company to get Capital Market School Level 2 class for free.



This website provides several modules for those of you who are interested in learning more about the capital market, both in terms of products, trading mechanisms, and capital market services. Please check out these interesting modules for you to learn:

  1. ETF Part 1: Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

    Understand more here:

  2. ETF Part 2: Selecting the ETF Products

  3. Get to know of E-IPO

    More details:

  4. Get to know SIPF

    More details:



Apart from those mentioned in the “Understand, Acquire, Monitor” concept above, there are also various other services from the Indonesian Capital Market, including:

  1. IDX Data Services
    IDX provides various Market Data product solutions which were developed to provide information to the public to make the right decisions. Licensed products provided by IDX are IDX Market Data, IDX Data Reference, IDX Publication, IDX Index License, and IDX Connection License. These products are real-time, delayed, end of the day, and historical data which can be used by various related institutions in the Indonesian Capital Market.

  2. IDX Investment Gallery
    IDX Investment Gallery is a means to introduce the Capital Market from an early age which is a collaboration between IDX, Universities/Colleges, and Securities Companies. The existence of the IDX Investment Gallery is not only to introduce the Capital Market in theory but also in practice. The IDX Investment Gallery also provides real-time information to learn to analyze stock trading activities which are expected to be a bridge to the mastery of science and practice in the capital market.

  3. Capital Market e-Library
    You can obtain capital market data & information that can be accessed online. You can have the access to data such as financial statements, trade data, corporate actions, prospectuses, and other statistical data obtained directly from the main participants in the Indonesian Capital Market through the RIDMI Capital Market Digital Library application on your smartphone.

  4. Certification & Training

    Investors and professionals who want to understand more and want to increase their knowledge and expertise in the capital market sector can take part in education and training organized by The Indonesian Capital Market Institute (TICMI). TICMI is the only capital market education and training institution that simultaneously holds capital market professional certification exams in Indonesia. You can take part in various workshops and certification programs organized by TICMI.

    You can also learn more about debt securities through a structured education program organized by PHEI which is called by School of Bonds and Fixed Income (SoBFI).

  5. IDX Virtual Investing
    IDX Virtual Investing is an educational securities trading simulation tool that you can use to practice of making securities transactions. IDX Virtual Investing presents a simulation of securities transactions using real data so that it will give a real sensation as an investor in the capital market.

  6. IDX Virtual Visit
    In order to carry out public education programs regarding the Indonesian Capital Market, IDX received virtual visits from the public. If you, your colleagues, and friends at school, university/college, agencies, or companies are interested in making virtual visits to the IDX.

You can also directly visit the Indonesia Stock Exchange and Yuk Nabung Saham Gallery through a virtual tour.